Words to page – A note to Nydia

May 18, 2010

A note left in my companion Nydia’s pack after the fall of Tyrias and the stabilization of Areah.

My good lady Nydia,

I have long thought of the contents of this note, but have not had the time nor courage to write it.

I have of course noted the distance between us since the night of Raleigh’s reclaiming. I cannot say that this has been easy for me, nor I’m feeling for you. I need to try and explain things from my viewpoint, and hope that you can see fit to reconcile. Your friendship means the world to me. You were the first that I told about my true nature here in Ishtal, and that I hope is not lost on you.

I shall just begin with a basic truth. I am the Raven Queen’s hand on this material plane. You and I both know that this is not a matter of faith. The gods exist and are real. And my mistress has goals and plans that are mine to enact. I was raised to this, and ofttimes have direct knowledge of her wishes.

And as much as I hope this next fact does not cause you further distress, Raleigh knew this to be true as well. As a follower of the Dark Lady, she was well versed in the wants and needs of her goddess. She followed her fate to this strange place because she was guided by a direct hand. She thought her place was to be raised up and made something more than herself. And in a very real way, this is what occurred. Noose the warforged was made real by my actions directly guided by something truly greater than all of us.

Again, I am aware of your thoughts on Fate. We differ here, but think on this. The Raven Queen is not only the mistress of Death and Fate, but Winter. The season of decline is as much a natural part of the cycle of things as Death. From Winter’s cold grasp comes the new promise of Spring’s Life. Just as Raleigh’s Fate gave a new Birth to Noose’s beginnings. We all played our roles in that.

Growing up in the Shadowfell I felt the trueness of the Dark Lady every day. I lived in her home plane, and knew nothing but her Truth. This whole ordeal with Raleigh really shook that to the core. I had a crisis of Faith, but in the end I realized it is not Faith that drives me. It is the knowledge that all of this is very real. Very simple. Very necessary.

I hope that through my words you can begin to understand that we are not all that different in our service to our gods. By necessity the means will be different, but the ends are similar. I want what is best for people. It was just that in this case, that meant Raleigh was to move on to her destiny. She knew that. And finally so did I.

I am truly your friend in all of this. We are bonded us five. I hope that one day you will feel the same way again.

~ Zire


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