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  1. Really dig your blog! Thanks. Speaking of iPads, wanted to know if you would check out my kickstarter project, comment, and if possible post it on your site? Would that be kosher? Thanks for letting me know!

    A new kickstarter project called Dungeon Master Pro (DM PRo) is creating an online character sheet repository for designing, storing and for displaying personal character sheets on the web. Initially for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5, DM Pro aims to have character sheets for most of the major RPGs within 12 months. These sheets can be accessed by multiple users to permit real time updates, game conditions and modifiers by DM and players alike. For example, an NPC necromancer casts “Bane” on a character, the player can see the modifications automatically updated to their character sheet.
    The aim is to make character sheets accessible from any device including smart phones, iPads and laptops. With a multi-access character sheet, DM and players can expect radically reduced game-time combat while at the same time, improving rules accuracy and better monitoring. How many times do you forget about a spell duration or using a hidden feat?
    The service is free but there will be a deluxe subscription service as well. Support or check out the project to see if “characters in the cloud” might improve your game.

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