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Testing out this from my iPad

April 30, 2010

Just got a new toy from the FedEx truck. A shiny candy like Apple iPad with 32GB storage and 3G/WiFi connectivity. It really is like holding the net in your hands. Sure net books can and have done these things and have for years, but this is a more intimate, personal experience.
I’ve loaded all my 4E dnd books on it, as well as a bunch of comics, just in case. Adding bookmarks as we speak, but really i’m finding that I’m visiting different sites just for the sheer pleasure of it. The news is now more insistent. The WiKi links more of a trap for me.

Good thing this thing has the battery life of a god.

So no dnd update this go around. Just the expression of “how did I do without this thing” that I last felt when I got my iPhone. Just…wow.


….I live…

April 7, 2010

I’ve been offline for a bit but I’ve returned to active duty.


DnD Encounters week 4 write up
Ishtal write up from our last jailbreak episode

I have a poem or two in my head banging around so they should soon surface.

Watch my back and I’ll watch yours, fellows!

“Being the Hand of The Raven Queen is very freeing. Fate walks with me, and death not far behind.”