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Wind, Wave, Flame, & Rock – Poem by Venndalan Vaeldaar, Eladrin Sorcerer, Esq.

July 30, 2010

Wind, Wave, Flame, and Rock.

Air breaks fast on our faces,
We seem to fly along zephyr winds and the pieces fall where they may.
When it seems that we have choice,
The push of Wind shows us where to go.

Surges break on the shore,
Across the keel the Water bends and shapes our direction.
At times when we go with the everflow,
The tide of Wave helps us along.

Fires burn brightest with tending.
The burning of the Old creates the New.
The cinders float towards the future,
And the Flame guides the way.

Earth stands fast and solid.
The weight of the world in every pebble.
The movement may become difficult,
But the Rock holds true meaning in it’s trials.

Primordial Forces