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#DnDEnc – Or how I learned to love Undermountain: Week 2

March 26, 2010

Raziel rechecked his harness again as he was lowered into the darkness.  The lights of the Yawning Portal seemed farther away than he cared to think.  His years in the guard never prepared him for this.  As he reached bottom, he double tugged the rope and waited in the dark for the half-orc to join him.  At times he thought he could hear breathing in front and to the sides, but for now he was safe.


Once the orcish Runepriest got his footing, the world exploded.  A gang of rabble emerged from their hiding places, along with a Halfling wielding a wicked sword.  Even in the commotion, they were able to make out two ruffians, with a large scorpion on chains in front of them.  Raziel yelled up the well to his companions above. “We’re going to need a little help down here.  NOW!”

The Swordmage flashed into action, greenfire arcing into the halfling.  The ruffians advanced just as the Druid, Tal hit the wet stone floor to access the scene.  Almost immediately, a pillar of lightning was summoned and gave a ruffian a story to tell in the afterlife.  The Runepriest glowed with a blue light and took out one of the dead man’s company.

Just then the Halfling set into Raziel, drawing deep blood.  Raziel stifled a scream, and again struck the halfling, the air shimmering around him.  Just as the Tiefling Belial loosened the ropes of his makeshift harness, the scorpion was loosed on him and bit down on his leg.  The Druid replied by a quick shift into lion form, locusts pouring from him not once but twice taking the scorpion and the last of the ruffians out of the fight.  A very real sense of déjà vu came over Tal, and he steeled his nerves.

This left the halfling, and the two scorpion handlers to take care of.  An obscuring ochre mist seeped from the shadows making it hard to make out friend from foe.  Combat shifted back and forth with the handlers taking the Runepriest to the brink. Curses were uttered and horrible Eldritch Blasts loosed. But in the end all that remained was the Party of Four, rattled and bloodied but standing still.  Stranger yet, the Halfling’s form melted into that of a Changeling.

This would be Undermountain’s greeting.   None are welcome here.

Next week cannot come soon enough!


#DnDEnc – Or how I learned to love Undermountain: Week 1

March 19, 2010

Artist credit: Mike Mueller

It’s funny how things come together.

After not having played any pen and paper RPG’s for years, not only do I find a bi-weekly gaming group nearby on, but WoTC kindly launches a weekly public game that happens to be at my local public library, not two blocks away.

Good but not great experience so far.  Husband and wife team, plus one of their close gaming friends awaited me there.  They had let me know in advance that there would be cokes and snacks available, and so there were. Great atmosphere, and good people.  Since we were short players, favors were called in and a nephew was summoned to play the striker role.

Party make up consisted of a deva swordmage, a drow warlock, a half-orc runepriest, and my human druid.  A nice balance really, with interesting power combinations that I’m certain we’ll learn to utilize better over the sessions.

This session consisted of us in medias res having already teamed up, and at the Yawning Portal Inn.  Having been out of touch for a bit as far as gaming is concerned, I at least recalled Waterdeep and what it meant to the Forgotten Realms world.  The DM had us skip the roleplaying bits to get us in game and motivated, but I have to say I missed the opportunity to get to know each other a bit.  Hopefully there will be more of a chance to do so in future sessions.  I plan to propose a meet and greet at the start of next group to present some facts that the group would have shared as a flash back to before the initial Inn start.

After some initial perception/insight rolls, we followed our inevitable quest-giver out to the alley only to find her assailed by bandits and unconscious.  Spells were flung, bridges crossed, and swords clashed.  After reading other re-caps I believe the bridge should have been far more of an obstacle than it turned to to be.  I have a feeling that the DM needed a bit more prep time to learn the content better overall.  My only complaint really.

What seemed via Twitter friends to be a hard encounter, took two of us to bloodied and baddies to see the afterworld.  We then woke our new benefactor and accepted her quest to map the newly discovered section of Undermountain, as well as bring back all magic items for inspection.  The latter objective took some roleplay to agree to, as some of the party seem a bit more materialistic than my lone druid.

Loved the twitter game changers, which ended up helping both the baddies as well as our intrepid band.   The rats, rats everywhere inspired my choice of Wild Shape, and a certain halfling bandit got a face full of red eyed rodentia teeth!

So next week, to adventure and hopefully more character interaction.  And of course more pizza, the fuel of true gamers!

Hold fast to your roles and even harder to your wits!